Facilities for the Students..

(A) The Vidyalaya has been provided with the following Infrastructural Facilities for the students and staff of this vidyalaya in the Campus.

Ii)   The School Building consisting of Administative / Academic block consisting of Principal Chamber, Vice Principal Chamber, Office, Staff Room, 14 Nos of Class Rooms, 4 Laboratories - Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Sciences, one Computer Lab, Samsung Class Room, seperate Language clubs with adequate toilet  facilites for Boys and Girls seperately.

         The Vidyalaya is provided with the following play field facilities.

i)                Cement Basket Ball Courts - 2 Nos.

ii)                Foot Ball play field with 200 metres Athletic Track

iii)               Volley Ball Courts - 6 Nos.

iv)               Kho-Kho Courts - 6 Nos.

v)                Hand Ball Courts - 3 Nos., Khabaddi courts - 2 Nos.,  Tenyicoit - 3 Nos.  Table tennis - 3        

                  Shuttle Batmentan Courts - 4 Nos. Multy Gym - 10 stations; 

                  Parallel Bars - one, Single Bars - 4


Our Vidyalaya has 4 units of  Dormitory   for Boys & 2 Units of  Dormitory for Girls.  Each   Dormitory can accommodate a maximum of  96 students.  Thus the Vidyalaya has a provision for 576 students with running water facility.


Our vidyalaya a well equipped kitchen with LPG pipelining/Steam cooking facility and a dining hall where marble top Dining Tables with Dining Benches are provided to ensure at a time dining facility to all the students and staff.


Our vidyalaya is provided with a full length of compound wall around the Vidyalaya campus.  A major portion of the compound wall is also provided with “Y” shaped anglers and barbed wire fencing over the compund wall.


As a polict all the staff members has to stay on the campus.  Accordingly 42 quarters were sanctioned and constructed as detailed below

one for Principal; 12 for House Masters (8 for Male and 4 for Female Teachers) ; 17 two bed room quarters for staff members, 12 one bed room staff quarters are occupeid by the vidyalaya staff.


For catering the emtire needs there is a 30,000 gallons of Under Ground water storage tank and 30,000 gallons of Over head tank for providing running facility to all the inmates in the campus.


our vidyalaya is having urban feeder with seperate transformer and a stand by 10 KVA Generator set to ensure un interruptede power supply to the inmates in the campus