The Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya has the following committee at the Vidyalaya level.

1) Smt. KARUNA VAKATI, IAS, Dist.Collector & Magistrate, VMC, WArangal                     - Chairperson

2) District Educational Officer, Warangal                                                              - Member

3) Executive Engineer, R&B, Warangal                                                                - Member

4) District Medical and Health Officer,Warangal                                                    - Member

5) Principal TSRS(Girls) Hasanparthy                                                                  - Member

6) TWO members from Parents nominated by the District Collector                        - Member

7) Shri MD. Aziz Ahmed, Vice-Principal                                                                        - Member

8) Dr. P. SATYANARAYANA, Principal, JNV Warangal                                      - Member Secretary

                        9) One member of Public to be approved by chairman NVS.